I’ve been seeing a lot of these flat-lay photos all over Instagram, ads, Pinterest – they’re everywhere. They’re the type of photos that look so simple and easy they made me think, I could do that. But with most things on the internet, I suspect, it’s harder than it looks.  So, I’m going to try a 30-day flat-lay photo challenge, which I’m calling the “30-Day Phlat Lay Photo Challenge”  I’m hoping to use this project as a launch into product photography or maybe just harness more creative ideas in general.  I created this list by combining articles on how to do flat-lay and other flat-lay challenges.  We’ll see how it goes!

Here’s the list in case you want to try it too:

Flat Lay Photography – the art of taking photos from above and creating cool scenes and stories in a still-life setting. Each day is a new theme to experiment and have fun with.

Day 1: Traditional Grid:  keeping all of your objects lined up in a “square format” when framing your photo.  Imagine there are grid lines on your flat surface.  You will want to keep your items straight + balanced in composition.

Day 2: Lifestyled: Controlled Chaos, or Elegantly Disheveled: right framing + balance.  You want to choose an item to “highlight” + then use the other items to create movement around it.

Day 3: Room for Text: hybrid of LIFESTYLE items have been removed or pushed away from the “highlighting” area. You can intentionally leave space open so that you can go back + add your own text later

Day 4: Negative Space: highlight an object while keeping your grid clean

Day 5: Grid w Alternate Angle: slightly different perspective of a traditional layout

Day 6: Bag spill

Day 7: Outfit

Day 8: Food

Day 9: Notebook

Day 10: Drinks

Day 11: Hands

Day 12: Workspace

Day 13: Headphones

Day 14: Plant

Day 15: Red

Day 16: Pink

Day 17: Orange

Day 18: Yellow

Day 19: Green

Day 20: Blue

Day 21: Purple

Day 22: Overhead

Day 23: Assymetrical

Day 24: Texture

Day 25: Angles

Day 26: Sweet

Day 27: Clutter

Day 28: Symetrical

Day 29: Monochromatic

Day 30: Tell a Story