“Beauty is only skin deep. What’s really important is finding a balance of mind, body and spirit.”


Many women struggle with feeling confident in their own skin, but the truth is that true beauty lies within your soul.  Although I truly believe that it does not matter what you look like on the outside, I also think there is nothing wrong with wanting and trying to make yourself look beautiful.  Every person struggles with their own insecurities, whether it be their height, weight, nose, pimples, etc.   Some insecurities can be overcome, some can be subdued, but in the end EVERYONE HAS THEM!

I’ve recently been gifted with yet ANOTHER VoxBox via the fabulous company Influenster!  This particular box held and item that made me feel confident in myself, and remove some of those haunting insecurities.   The item is a clay botanical face mask that looks like this: mask-2

The clay feels like- well, clay.  Like the kind you use in pottery class! and you put it on your face and it feels great!! It goes on smoothly, and the consistency is not too watery.

Here’s a pic of what the clay looks like when it first goes on, after 5 min of drying, then when it is fully dry:



The dried clay mask is NOT hard to remove at all!  It comes off so easily with a washcloth or just your hands and warm water.   After using the mask, which only took 10 minutes, my skin felt SO soft!!  Now, I am usually prone to dry skin especially on my face, but after using this mask my skin wasn’t dry ALL WEEK!

I’ve never had fabulous skin.  Its always either dry, breaking out, or spotty but this mask made me feel great and confident.  You should try it!


Thanks again, INFLUENSTER!!




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