In honor of my 26th birthday, today I am sharing one of my favorite poems.  This poem is actually a song lyric, but it is one of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever heard put to music:

“Oh my blood may run red but the thoughts in my head, they are blue. They are purple. They are gold.
And though there may come a day where my hair it turns grey, but my soul, oh, my soul, will never grow old.
See I’m not skin and bones.
I am sunshine and snow on this ever‐changing earth that we know.
I’ll melt into a stream synthroid tablets buy online. I will glisten and gleam.
I’ll float on but I’ll never grow old.”

-The Mowglis

Here’s the song it comes from:

and Here’s another song about being 26.. aka “the bad side of 25”

Hope you have a wonderful day just like I am!