As the summer quickly comes to a close, and with September being Childhood Cancer Awareness month, Marin Airporter looks back at a fantastic client who uses our charter services year after year and deserves a special acknowledgment. This client is special to the Marin community for many reasons: Camp Okizu. Highlighting special moments on social media, Camp Okizu spends the summer creating the ultimate camp getaway for all members of families affected by childhood cancer to heal through peer support, respite, mentoring, and recreational programs. Being all volunteer-run, this honorable camp entrusts the safety and transportation of their very special campers with Marin Airporter. Not only are we honored to transport this happy and lively group, we are delighted to share the experiences they share with us on social media.
The first week of camp is very exciting as the campers all arrive on Marin Airporter buses!
Volunteers wave goodbye and get ready for incoming campers every weekend. They even support siblings of those affected by childhood cancer by offering a whole week of camp just for them!
Not only does Camp Okizu share on social media, so do many of the campers and the campers’ families. We are always delighted to read about their experiences at the camp and how much it means to them.
The summer of 2019 was Camp Okizu’s 38th summer providing a safe place where our families can connect with and care for each other. We are honored to be a part of this community building process, and fully support the mission behind this camp. If you would like to support this amazing camp, now is the time! Now through September 30th, for every $1.00 you give, Okizu gets $3.00 due to generous matching gifts. Send a Gift Today! Thanks for choosing us to transport your campers, Camp Okizu! See you next summer. ___ Originally posted on September 2019.