My friends over at Influenster could not have picked a better time & product to gift me with this month!  Today’s featured product review is Freeman Beauty’s new line of Bare Foot products– PERFECT for ‘sandal season’!




Here’s why I like Bare Foot Products:

  • Perfect for sandal season: My feet have turned to crap in the past few months while participating in a Women’s Soccer Club.  It was totally worth it, as we went undefeated for 10 weeks and won the Championship!  While this was super fun, it also destroyed my feet right before sandal season!! ugh… old calluses came back along with some brand new blisters – my favorite!
  • Amazing smells:  I ranked them in order of my favorites #1:Lemon & Sage (I’m currently obsessed with lemon scent so this was no surprise), #2:Dragon Fruit, #3: Lavender & MintBAREFOOT-3


  • The best of both worlds: Scrubs & Lotions –  I tried out 2 Foot Scrubs and 2 Lotions.  The scrubs feel really great in the shower with the extra “grit” in there to really scrub, and it’s fun having a specific lotion to pamper your feet with once you get out! (editor’s note: lotion on feet is very very slippery.. especially on bathroom tile. ..FYI)
  • Quality resources: They are made quality resources like Tea Tree Oil and Shea Butter.


Here’s what I didn’t like so much about the Bare Foot Products:

  • Hard to find: Apparently there is an even NEWER line that I was supposed to get, but after checking in 4 Walmarts, I considered myself lucky that I found 3 different scented types- so I went with those.  This is what the new line looks like:


  • Confusing Applications: Lotion vs Creme vs Balm? I got Lavender&Mint Foot CREME, but Dragon Fruit Foot LOTION.  There is also Lemon&Sage Foot BALM.  What are the differences in these?  I can’t find any!!  The Creme and Lotion have the same Description & Directions on the product!  What does this mean?  Am I missing something?
  • Weird Placement: I mentioned this before, but putting lotion on the bottoms of my feet is not something I’m used to.  For one- it is SO slippery! especially on bathroom tile.  For two – you have to make sure it’s COMPLETELY DRY before walking on carpet or else weird little specks that your vacuum missed get all over your feet. (Don’t even get me started on the cat hair)


Tips & Recommendations:

  • Use the Scrub in the shower & the lotion when you get out or any other time.
  • Use both a Scrub & a Lotion/Creme for the best results


As always, my product reviews are brought to you by Influenster Nation!  Can’t wait for the next one! voxbox-blogimage-popup2BARFOOT-lemon&sageBAREFOOT-lavender&mint<img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-178" src="https://veryrach this″ alt=”BAREFOOT-dragonfruit” width=”225″ height=”300″ srcset=” 1536w,×300.jpg 225w,×1024.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px” />


-Have any tips for putting lotion on the bottom of your feet?

-Do you have a favorite “summer product”?

-What do you do to get your feet ready for sandal season?