We tend to think that Marin Airporter passengers are the best kinds of people. We love serving the people of Marin and the Bay Area. One of the best things about working with the community is interacting with the people in it, and celebrating the unique aspects of Bay Area travel together. Many of our passengers now interact with us over social media by sharing photos and videos with us inspired by their time on one of our buses. We would love to see yours too. Please use the hashtag #marinairporter or tag us Instagram & Facebook.

Please scroll down to see some recent examples. As you may know, celebrating San Francisco and Marin County cannot be done without appreciating the iconic landmark we drive through everyday, the Golden Gate Bridge! Riders on Marin Airporter, not only, get a comfortable view of the Marin County beauty, but also an experience by traveling right across this historic landmark.

Here are some of the best videos or posts featuring the Golden Gate Bridge that have been shared recently on our Instagram feed.

Inclement weather, no problem! A ride across the Bridge is exciting any time.

Front row seat on the Marin Airporter.
(click play to watch the video!)

Bus windows are great for taking in the beautiful scenery from the comfort of your seat!

Taken out of a bus window!

Dark and Raining? It’s still an experience worth sharing!

A dark and rainy night on the Marin Airporter!
(click play to watch the video.)

It’s not the Golden Gate Bridge, but a local favorite, recently re-named Robin Williams Tunnel. We think of this as a “double-rainbow” moment (the tunnel plus our rainbow bus).

Double Rainbow spotted in Robin Williams Tunnel.

Sometimes we have very special passengers who enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge from the front seat.

A Bear Rides Marin Airporter!
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Mostly, we are honored to be part of someone’s story or artwork, and are WOWED at the outcome.

Golden Gate warp speed.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram and share a photo or video with @MarinAirporter the next time you ride! We can’t wait to see what you capture. And, thanks for riding with Marin Airporter.