When traveling to and from San Francisco Airport (SFO) and Marin County, there are many options. For example, you can drive yourself and park, use ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, or a traditional taxi. But the Marin Airporter bus has its own set of unique advantages. Take into consideration things like high airport parking costs, safety and the “hazards” of unprofessional, talkative drivers that are all risks you take when you ride with less reliable sources.

Here are the “Top 5 Reasons” why riding with Marin Airporter is your best option when you need to get to and from San Francisco International Airport & Marin County:

  1. Less Expensive and More Consistent — Marin Airporter ticket prices ($23.00 at all stops, $24.00 when purchased online) are the same price every day, 365 days a year. No inflated costs if you’re traveling on a busy holiday weekend! Uber and Lyft may offer discounted ride sharing prices, but when traveling with luggage, those rides are not always available. Marin Airporter has a straightforward schedule. It is designed for your luggage, your wallet, and your schedule, all inclusive, all the time.
  2. Comfortable — Don’t get stuck in someone’s backseat or sitting low in a small car. Marin Airporter seats are big, roomy and way more comfortable than a car. They have plenty of room for your legs, and even give you enough space to work on a computer during your ride. Our floors are hardwood and clean.
  3. Increase Your Productivity — Marin Airporter buses are designed for the modern business traveler. As mentioned above, each seat is large enough to do work on a laptop or tablet. Keep your carry-on with you, just as you would on an airplane and take advantage of the overhead lights,. Most of the buses have a device charging outlet right at your seat. On the Airporter, you can work while traveling without draining your battery.
  4. Environmentally Friendly — The bus is the ultimate ride sharing option. By using the bus, we are taking close to 60 cars off the road with each trip. By using Uber, Lyft, or a taxi, you are adding to the number of cars on the road, and that just makes traffic worse. And, of course, the buses use the bus lane. By riding with us, you are making a difference for the planet and for your fellow travelers.
  5. Feel Confident & Safe — While many ride sharing companies leave it up to the individual drivers to handle things like insurance and passenger safety, Marin Airporter is a professional transportation company. Safety is our top concern. All of our drivers are licensed professions, who go through specialized trainings for safety and bus driving skills. We also do background checks, drug and alcohol screening, and all of this is backed up by California Highway Patrol and Federal Motor Carrier safety admin testing. You can always feel confident and safe while riding on the Marin Airporter.


Originally Published on MarinAirporter.com, 2019