In the past 2 years, I have been lucky enough to have a job that introduces me to a variety of start-up companies. One of my favorite companies is called Influenster. This company works with popular brands to help spread samples and reviews of their new products hitting the market.  Every month, Influenster sends out a “VoxBox” which is similar to a “BarkBox” for dogs, i.e. a box sent in the mail containing sample products for review.  Once you are eligible for a VoxBox, you must confirm your shipping address, and then…VIOLA! A box of free sample products at your door within that month!  (this is NOT a scam. I have participated twice with no money or trickery- to sign up just go to

Lucky little me has received the Summer VoxBox in 2012, and I just reveived the Violet Vox Box in 2013.  Although I am STILL raving about some of the products I got over a year ago, today I am sharing my product samples and opinions for the items I got in the 2013 Violet (Beauty Queen) Vox Box!  Here we go…


*Be prepared for lots of pictures. The products I received (and will be reviewed in this order) are:

1. Sally Hanson – Triple Shine nail polish

2. Goody Quickstyle Paddle Brush

3. Goody Athletique Headband

4. SoyJoy Bar

Here’s my Violet Vox Box!


1. Sally Hanson – Triple Shine nail polish:   I received “Fanta-sea” Triple Shine nail polish.  This is seriously the SHINIEST polish I have ever had.  It looks like salon polish, and I can’t stop staring at it! I decided to put it over some purple polish and I loved the results!  It was very festive for New Years, and it really brings out any plain color that you put underneath!  voxbox-polish voxbox-polish2

2. Goody Quickstyle Paddle Brush:  To start off.. I have a LOT of hair.  It is the longest it’s ever been.. and to be honest, I never would have bought this brush on my own, but I am SO GLAD I had the chance to try it for free!  You’re probably wondering why the paddle part is blue.. well, that is little micro-fiber towel material to help dry your hair!!  It really helps- especially if you have a lot of hair and sometimes it feels like it will never dry. It just helps take that extra little bit of moisture out!  Also, the brush part is HUGE!!  Again, this is fantastic for a lot of hair!  This brush really impressed me.  I am a little concerned about the care of it, as I may have to actually shampoo it in the future to prevent mold!  I would say that letting the brush dry and the extra care is the worst part of the brush, but totally worth it to have something that handles this much hair!!

voxbox-brush1 voxbox-brush2


TA-DAAAAA!!!! Fantastic Hair!

3. Goody Athletique Headband : This headband includes moisture wicking fabric, and a Velcro adjustable latch which make this headband PERFECT for athletic events.  Luckily, I received this right as I was starting a Women’s Soccer League, and let me tell you it survived the games better than I did!  For me, it held back those little whispy hairs that get in my eyes while running, but I also lent it to my girlfriend who just got her haircut VERY short – and she used it to hold ALL her hair back!  She was raving about it more than I was!  It was a little wide while my hair was in a pony tail, so I folded the band in half and it stayed pretty nicely like that. I will definitely be using this for summer running, biking and hiking! Can’t wait!

voxbox-headband voxbox-headband2

4. SoyJoy Bar : When I received the Violet VoxBox, this is the item I was least excited about, and here’s why.. 1. I don’t like soy. 2. I don’t like artificially flavored banana ANYTHING!  So, I saved this bar for a few weeks to try with my sister… she said she loves banana so I thought it would be best not to waste it in case I didn’t like it.  Her brave soul took the first bite, and what do I hear? “MMMMMM THIS IS GOOD, RACH!”  Hesitantly, I took a small bite too.. and I LIKED IT! I REALLY LIKED IT!!  Can you believe that?  This thing tasted like fresh banana bread.  It was moist like banana bread too!  I would DEFINITELY say this was the surprise item in the box, and it was a good one!  What a great way to show people not to be afraid of a soy bar! Seriously consider these if you are looking for a healthy snack, people.  The other flavors looked good too!  <img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-53" src="" alt="voxbox-soyjoy" width="300" height="300" srcset="https://www.veryrach additional 1936w,×150.jpg 150w,×300.jpg 300w,×1024.jpg 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />

(aww isn’t my sister cute? I love her)

and the last surprise of my Violet VoxBox….

voxbox-box voxbox-box2

My cats LOVED the box! SURPRISE!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Violet VoxBox experience! I certainly had a blast discovering and using these new products!  I can’t wait to try more products in the future voxbox programs : )  Influenster is a great company with really nice people, and I hope you can join their influenster trends!  Signing off from me and my cat/parrot..



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